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Splendor. Tears. Disasters.

Closer than ever.


Descend to a journey through time!
Hidden beneath Bruehl’s Terrace, the Dresden Fortress awaits you with an unforgettable adventure. Follow Duke Maurice who will guide you through the 450-year-old ruins and tell you all about his adventures in what used to be the most modern bastion fortress in Germany.

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With stunning 360-degree projections
and atmospheric 3D audio technology, we unleash the secrets of the Dresden Fortress. This all-new 1,500 sqm multimedia exhibition will rip you from your everyday life and plunge you into the distant past.

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Experience 450 years of turbulent history
and discover the secrets of the Dresden Fortress! How was the secret porcelain formula discovered? How must it have felt to be held prisoner here? And how high was the water during the flood of the century? Splendor. Tears. Disasters. Closer than ever.

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Two special places.
One fascinating experience.

It is just a 10 minute walk from the Dresden Fortress to the Dresden Zwinger. Let us take you into the turbulent history of the city!

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Discover Festung Xperience and Zwinger Xperience!

Enjoy free admission to the most beautiful palaces, castles and gardens in Saxony with the schloesserlandCARD for free as often as you like.

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visitor information
Festung XPerience
Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 10:00 am — 6:00 pm
no admission past 04:30 pm

Closing days 2024:

June 17th, 2024
September 16th, 2024
November 11th - 14th, 2024
December 24th - 25th, 2024
December 31st, 2024

Admission prices

Full rate: € 12.00

Reduced rate: € 10.00 for pupils aged 17 and older (for school groups special price 4.50 €), apprentices, students, members of the Federal Volunteers Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) / Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) / Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) / Voluntary Military Service; disabled persons (companions of disabled persons please refer "Free entry"), recipients of unemployment benefits, welfare benefits or asylum seeker benefits, refugees with long-term or short-term residence permits, holders of a welfare pass (Sozialpass), Members of the Federal Association of German Tour Guides (Bundesverband deutscher Gaestefuehrer e. V.) and the Association of German Art Historians (Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker e.V.), holders of the Saxon Volunteer’s Card (Saechsische Ehrenamtskarte), (each with valid ID)

Children aged 6-16 & school groups: € 4.50 (please note our age recommendation) Class groups/student groups accompanied by a teacher/supervisor, also vocational school

Free entry: Holders of the schloesserlandCARD (including 2 children aged 16 and under) and children aged 5 and younger (please note our age recommendation), birthday boys and girls, companions of disabled persons with the mark “B” on their disability pass, holders of the Family Pass (Landesfamilienpass), journalists, tour guides, coach drivers with travel groups, one adult company per 10 students, members of ICOM (International Council of Museums), ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) and the German Museum Association (each with valid ID)

Age recommendation: suitable for children from 6 years  The Fortress Xperience is a nearly one-hour format with contextual and emotional claims in a dark atmosphere. Please note that children under the age of 6 do not receive an audio system.

Get your online ticket and enjoy Festung Xperience without long queuing! Tickets can also be purchased at the box office on site, subject to availability.

The tour of the Festung Xperience is available in German and English. Please allow 60-75 minutes for the tour.


Dresden Fortress · Bruehl’s Terrace / Terrassenufer · 01067 Dresden
→ Google Maps


Help to ensure a safe visit at Fortress Xperience.

Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from people who are not part of your household and avoid forming groups. 

Furthermore, we ask you to ensure thorough hand hygiene.

If you feel ill, please stay home.


What measures do we take for your protection?

We have provided contactless disinfectant dispensers for your use in the entrance area, sanitary area and exit area.

We disinfect handrails, door handles and other frequently touched surfaces several times a day.

Our USOMO audio system are cleaned for you after each use. This means that the headphones and the mobile receiver are cleaned with a disinfectant that is effective against the coronavirus. Please do not disinfect the audio system yourself, as contact with the wrong cleaning product can harm our equipment. In addition, we offer you a disposable ear cup protection that you can pull over the two ear cups of the headphones before starting.



Elevator and entrance

Where is the entrance to the Festung Xperience?

The new elevator on Bruehl’s Terrace will take you down to the Festung Xperience in the vaults of the Dresden Fortress.

Where is the new elevator?

There are three ways to get to the elevator on Bruehl’s Terrace on foot:

  1. via the stairs at Georg-Treu-Platz – you will see the elevator above you on the opposite side
  2. via the stairs at Schlossplatz – walk around 150 m until you reach the elevator on your left
  3. via the entrance on Hasenberg – walk around 150 m until you reach Bruehl’s Terrace, and the elevator will be on your right

Getting there by public transport:

  • Closest tram stops: Synagoge (Line 3 and 7) or Altmarkt (Line 1, 2 and 4)
  • Closest train stations (Deutsche Bahn): Hauptbahnhof Dresden, Bahnhof Dresden Mitte

Current information on public transport in Dresden: www.dvb.de.

The Festung Xperience is just a few minutes’ walk from the public transport stops.


Where to park your car:

  • Underground parking at Frauenkirche and Frauenkirche Neumarkt
  • Parking lot on Schiessgasse and Terrassenufer



Is Festung Xperience suitable for wheelchair users?

Wheelchair users can access the Dresden Fortress via the new elevator on Bruehl’s Terrace or via the entrance on Terrassenufer. At the Festung Xperience exit on Georg-Treu-Platz, you will find a stair lift operated by our customer service team. A wheelchair-accessible toilet can be found in the restroom area at the end of the tour near the museum shop. Our fire protection concept allows a maximum of two wheelchair users in the fortress at the same time. Please also contact festung-Xperience@schloesserland-sachsen.de if you book an online ticket in advance. For larger groups of wheelchair users, Festung Xperience is unfortunately not suitable.

Is Festung Xperience suitable for blind or deaf visitors?

Festung Xperience is an audiovisual experience, which makes it difficult for blind and deaf visitors to visit. We are constantly developing and working to make the fortress more tangible for this group of visitors. As soon as we have an offer, you will find it out here on our website.

3D audio technology

What to expect from 3D AUDIO TECHNOLOGY

You will receive a USOMO audio system at the entrance in either German or English, which will guide you individually through the rooms and the history of the Dresden fortress.

Usomo is an interactive audio system that can be used to control digital sounds through movements in the room.

The immersive audio technology makes it seem like you can submerge yourself in digitally generated sounds emanating from the room itself.

Sound is transformed from a separate, static layer between man and space into a vibrant pulse that penetrates the room and melts away the boundaries in between.

Unlike a traditional audio system, you are completely free to move around the fortress at your own pace and can decide how long you want to stay at each station.

For a trouble-free experience, we ask you to turn off functions such as Bluetooth and NFC on your smartphone during your visit. The wireless technologies can interfere with the connection of the sound system.


Look forward to free WiFi

You can enjoy free WiFi in the "DresdenXperience" network by the elevator on Bruehl’s Terrace, in the ticket office area and in the museum shop.


Are you visiting with a group?

A registration of the group is required due to capacity reasons. Groups of less than 11 people are requested to book their tickets directly via our online store.

For groups of 11 or more, we will make a reservation for you (subject to available ticket contingents). Please contact us in time before your visit by e-mail festung-Xperience@schloesserland-sachsen.de.
We need your complete address data, the indication of your desired date incl. desired time slot as well as the indication to which price category (full payer, reduced or free admission) the group participants are assigned.

Please pay the total amount for the tickets of the group on the day of booking at our box office (cash, EC card or credit card).

Entrance for groups: The entrance for registered groups is on Terrassenufer, which is a 150-meter walk from the bus parking lot (22 parking spaces) underneath the Carolabruecke bridge.

Are there group tours?

We do not offer guided tours, as each visitor is individually guided through the experience with our USOMO audio system. If you would like to reserve tickets for a larger group, you can either purchase the appropriate number of tickets in our online store or send us an e-mail with your non-binding request (for groups of 11 or more) to festung-Xperience@schloesserland-sachsen.de.

Important notice: Please consider the current contact restrictions for your visit when making your group request.

Are there group discounts?

We do not offer group discounts.


Photographing and filming for private purposes is permitted in the Dresden Fortress as long as other visitors are taken into consideration. Flash lights and tripods are not permitted. Non-commercial publication of the image material on social media is possible, stating the location #FestungXperience. This approval does not apply to third party rights. You have to get permission to reproduce or distribute content protected by copyright or personal rights.

For photography and filming for media coverage or commercial purposes, please contact our marketing team: festung-Xperience@schloesserland-sachsen.de.

You will then show the written permission to our service staff at the entrance.


The Dresden fortress has a relatively constant but cool temperature all year round. We recommend that you also wear a light jacket when visiting in summer, as you will spend at least one hour in the exhibition.

Furthermore, there is hardly any daylight in the walls under Bruehl's terrace and, since we work with elaborate projections on walls, ceilings and on the floor, there is no further full lighting. Much of Festung Xperience is therefore kept dark. Path lighting in the fortress is of course available.

Please be aware that the spatial situation, the lighting conditions and the projections may be uncomfortable for people with cardiovascular problems. If the given general conditions trigger fears or anxieties, please contact our service staff.

The toilet facilities are located at the end of the tour, due to the special nature of the historical site. Signs indicate the way in the exhibition.


Feel free to get in touch

Please send us an e-mail. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.
E-mail: festung-Xperience@schloesserland-sachsen.de

Visitor address
Festung Dresden
Bruehlsche Terrasse / Terrassenufer
D-01067 Dresden

Mailing address
Staatliche Schloesser, Burgen und Gaerten Sachsen gemeinnuetzige GmbH
Geschaeftsstelle Zwinger / Festung Dresden
Sophienstraße 3
D-01067 Dresden

Do you have any further questions?

What languages ​​is the Usomo audio guide available in?

You can experience the tour in either German or English.

Who is entitled to a discount?

You will see a (+) symbol next to the prices on our website (www.festung-Xperience.de). Click to see who is entitled to reduced rates and free tickets.

What are the benefits of the schloesserlandCARD?

The schloesserlandCARD not only grants you free admission to both the Festung Xperience and Zwinger Xperience (incl. 2 children aged 0-16); it also cuts your waiting time at the main entrance on Bruehl’s Terrace. You can skip the queue by taking the elevator to the ticket office downstairs. You’ll receive a free ticket when you show your schloesserlandCARD and ID.

Where can you buy vouchers?

You can buy Schloesserland vouchers (you determine the value) from the ticket offices at the Festung Xperience and Zwinger Xperience. Vouchers can be redeemed at all participating establishments of State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony, non-profit, including the Dresden Fortress. Vouchers with a value of 25€ | 50€ | 75€ | 100€ are also available in our online store.

Where can you redeem a voucher?

Redeem your voucher at the ticket office and get a ticket to the Festung Xperience. If the admission price is covered by your credit with money to spare, you’ll receive the difference as a new voucher.

Please note that you can only redeem your voucher at the box office and not in the online store.

How long does it take to walk around the fortress? 

The tour lasts around 60 to 75 minutes.

Have you lost or not received an email containing your online ticket?

If you have not received your online tickets after submitting your order, please check your spam folder first. If you don't find an email with your online tickets there either, or if you accidentally deleted the email, please send an email with your request to: festung-Xperience@schloesserland-sachsen.de.
Please include your full name and the date of your visit.

How long will your online ticket remain valid?

The online tickets are time slot tickets. This means that your ticket is valid for a 15-minute time slot, during which you will be given priority admission to the fortress. The time slot starts with the selected visit time and ends 15 minutes later. With the online ticket, you can go directly to the audio guide issue desk and do not have to queue again at the cash desk. If you arrive at the fortress after the 15-minute time slot, we can still let you in. However, this assumes that we have sufficient capacity available. Once the time window has expired, you are no longer entitled to priority admission and may have to wait.

Are you having trouble paying for your online ticket?

The payment process only works if you have agreed to use the TAN PIN security method for online payments with your bank. This procedure became a requirement for online payments across Europe on September 14, 2019.

Are baby carriages allowed in the exhibition?

For security reasons, only a limited number of baby carriages are allowed in the Dresden Fortress at the same time. There may be waiting times, if guests with baby carriages already visit the exhibition. Please note, the Dresden Fortress is unfortunately not able to offer parking space for baby carriages. Our service staff on site will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are there checkrooms or lockers available on site?

Please note that there are no checkrooms, lockers or similar facilities available on site for the temporary storage of your personal belongings.

Are dogs allowed in the exhibition?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in our exhibition rooms.